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Why Join?

Sending a son, or daughter, to the Naval Academy or to any Service Academy is quite different from sending them off to a regular college or university. Those phone calls that parents receive from a new Plebe are not the same kind of phone call that parents of other college students receive. New midshipmen can be very discouraged and afraid that they are not able to live up to the demands placed upon them at the Naval Academy.

Parents’ Clubs offer a wonderful source of support and encouragement – particularly for the parents of a new Plebe. After their son, or daughter, has survived Plebe Summer, parents feel more comfortable about their midshipman and can begin to enjoy the pride they feel at having a son or daughter at the Naval Academy. What better way to share these experiences than with other parents who feel the same way.

Enjoy the following with other SPPA Members:

  • Plebe Packages
  • Plebe Picnic
  • All-Service Academies’ Military Ball
  • Bus Trips
  • TellTales – Online Newsletter
  • I-Day Support
  • Tailgating
  • Speaker Programs
  • Picnics & Dinners
  • Camaraderie with those who have been there!

Wait… There’s More!!!!

All new members receive a  SPPA Tote Bag loaded with invaluable information about USNA and SPPA including the well-reviewed hard copy of the SPPA Parents Handbook.
SPPA Tote Bags