2015-16 Tailgate Season is Here!

Welcome Southeast Pennsylvania Parents Association Members!

Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium


My name is Jack Parry and I will be your Captain (Captain Jack)  for this season’s tailgating adventures. So sit right back…..

NO, WAIT! Don’t sit back, get up and make a pie, or sheet cake, or cookies…or some other goodie for our MIDS to enjoy.

Linked below are a few docs that will assist you with questions you might have, and provide a review for seasoned tailgaters.

Please give it a read and don’t hesitate to e-mail me with any questions.

Lets make it a great season!

Jack Parry
SPPA Tailgate Chairman

SPPA Tailgating 2015

USNA Tailgating Tips for First-Timers

Tailgating Update – September 22, 2015

The Navy tailgating season kicks off on Saturday, September 5th against Colgate. This tailgate will be managed by the Alumni parents.

This info applies to all home games:

If you are bringing food, please don’t forget to visit the Tailgate spreadsheet  to note what you will be bringing.

When the spreadsheet opens up, click on the tab at the bottom of the page, which corresponds to the game date, and please let us know what type of dessert, in the dessert column, you are bringing so we can plan appropriately.  (When it looks like we may not have enough desserts for the mids, we will go out and purchase more.  So, to avoid the last minute anxiety and logistical nightmare of running to BJ’s please  “register” your dessert.)

Drop-off can be accommodated along Farragut Road by calling 267.467.1536 (my number) and we can meet you roadside for a drop-off.

Please pass this information long to your son or daughter and have them tell everyone about it. All MIDS are invited!

And remember, we will not be coming in off of Farragut Road any more.  Rather, we will be entering Gate #5 off of Taylor Avenue and Cedar Park Road.

You can e-mail or call me with any questions.

Jack Parry
SPPA Tailgate Chairman

Jack Parry and his Mid, Colin 15
Jack Parry and his Mid, Colin 15