SPPA LogoAs with any volunteer organization such as SPPA, administrative tasks, such as yearly dues collection and accounting, can take time away from the real mission of the club. Therefore, we collect four years dues at one time during May-July of the Plebe Year. The dues are amortized over four years, and a prorated refund is returned if your son/daughter decides to leave the Academy.

If you son or daughter is a current or incoming Midshipman, please fill out our Membership Application and mail it according to the directions on the form.

If your son or daughter is in NAPS or a Foundation Student this coming year, we’d love to include you in our activities too! An Associate Membership is no cost for one year. Just print and fill out the Associate Membership Application Form.

Alumni parents, we invite your continued support and participation in the activities of the club and urge you to support the SPPA as an alumni member. To save administration expenses, we offer a lifetime alumni membership for a one-time payment of $100. Just fill out and print the Alumni Membership Application Form and then mail, with your payment, to the address on the form.

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