January 2016 Newsletter


January 2016

A new year on the Yard means new events for our SPPA members!

Dine Arounds

Tuesday, Jan.12 at 6:30PM – Dine Around East, Montgomeryville Wegmans

Thursday, Jan. 21 at 6:30OM –Dine Around West, KofP Wegmans

Are you interested in joining a Dine Around at the Wegmans in Warrington?   Please email Pat Field – graystock@verizon.net to let us know – numbers will dictate if this event will be added to the Dine Arounds already in progress.

Current SPPA members – our turnout at these events has been low, while the alumni families areattending in droves!  Come have a low-keydinner out, meet some new and old friends, share stories about your Mid andhear how others are doing since graduation.

Remember – you joined SPPA for support – GET IT HERE!!!

Speaker Meeting – 6:30PM –
Wed., March 9, 2016 at The Haverford School


We are pleased to announce Dr. John Nagl, USMA graduate and Ninth Headmaster of The Haverford School, as our guest speaker. Dr. Nagl is an expert in counterinsurgency and the author of two books, Knife Fights: A Memoir of Modern War in Theory andPractice and Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife: Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam.  Additionally, Dr. Nagl served as the inaugural Minerva Chair at USNA, conducting research onthe relationship between culture and warfare and teaching a course on the history of counterinsurgency to the midshipmen. See the invitation for more information about this limited seating event; please respond promptly to ensure your seat!

Upcoming events:

Tuesday, March 22 – 6:30PM  Board Meeting  at Wegmans, K of P

Board members attendance required, other Club members welcome.

Sunday, April 10 at11AM – General Meeting and Firstie Brunch
Tuesday, May 10 – 6:30PM  Board Meeting at Wegmans, Montgomeryville

Board members attendance required, other Club members welcome.

Week of May 20-27, 2016 – USNA graduation, Herndon, Sea Trials


SPPA IS HERE FOR YOU!  Come to an event soon to enjoy camaraderie, learn about things to come, and meet friends who share your love of Midshipmen!